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Revision 3: November 2000


The first major reorganization of the rack. There were a number of changes:

Replace the rear base of the rack with a cantilever base to improve stability.
Rerouting the cabling under the legs of the rack to free up the bottom space.
Rack moved further from the wall to provide more room for rack mount cases.
The patch panel was moved down the rack (cable length restrictions).
Two 15amp circuits pulled to supply sufficient power to the rack hardware.
Adding an SMC 16 port rack mount switch.
Routers and modems moved to a 2U shelf above the switch.
Addition of a Belkin Omniview Matrix 2x8 KVM switch.
1U horizontal finger duct panels added above or below each networking component.
Installed a vertical finger duct along the left side of the rack.
Mounted a vertical power strip along the right side of the rack.

The servers were reorganized and two additional servers added:

Server 1

Name: Cartman
PIII-700, 256Mb RAM
18Gb SCSI hard drive, SCSI DVD
Switching to SCSI for the boot drive and DVD left all eight IDE connectors free for the drive array.
Two more 80Gb Maxtor drives added to the array brought the total to four drives, 312Gb capacity.
Duties: Domain Controller, File Server, DHCP Server

Server 2

Name: Chef
PIII-800, 256Mb RAM
20Gb IDE hard drive, IDE DVD
Duties: SQL Server, Application Server

Server 3

Name: Stan
PIII-800, 256Mb RAM
20Gb IDE hard drive, IDE DVD
Duties: Web Server, DNS Server

Server 4

Name: Kyle
PIII-500, 256Mb RAM
20Gb IDE hard drive, IDE DVD
Duties: Mail Server, Domain Controller

The additional servers each got their own APC 1U 450VA UPS

This was the point where the rack really started to work - the Belkin 2x8 switchbox allowed one console (actually two, but at this point I only had one) to look at any of the servers. The ADSL Internet connection was configured as the primary internet connection, with ports passing in to the various servers. A number of domains and web sites went online, with code execution coming from the application server (Chef).

 Problems with this revision:
Needed a secondary console.
Starting to run low on space - only 13Us left!