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The rack stands beside my desk, which you can see in the pictures. You can also see the VG151 screen which is mounted on a swing arm that is mounted to the rack. This way I can stand in front of the rack and have a display to use, or sit at my desk and swing it around there - in that position, it is just above my laptop, which is just visible on the desk.

The rack itself is a 2 post, 45U data relay rack. It is not really designed to hold computer equipment, they're usually used for wiring and networking hardware, but each screw post (typically a component uses four) can hold 150lbs, and the heaviest device is about 60lb. The rack weighs approximately 800lbs fully loaded and consumes 3500 watts of power - it has two dedicated 15amp circuits which you can see coming in from the ceiling in the top right hand corner.

The links on the left of the page show the evolution and ideas behind this rack.