A new addition to the family!#

Ah, not that kind of addition. Geez, what, you think I'm crazy?

Its a new computer, of course!

I've been on the look out for a TabletPC for a long time. I've never looked at them as a replacement desktop machine, I have one of those in my Dell XPS laptop. But its barely portable, and the battery life is measured in seconds (3600 of 'em to be precise). On the other hand, it has enough horsepower to grunt through running multiple VPC sessions when the work calls for it.

So since its not a desktop replacement, I think a TabletPC should be all out portable, and that, to me at least, means a slate style. Just the screen, the pen, and thou.

But most of the major manufacturers that make tablets, like Toshiba, don't make a slate. And I'm always skittish around unknown or marginal brands.

Then I got a good look at Motion Computing. TabletPCs are what they're all about. They're a premium product at a premium price, but sometimes, you gotta pay to get what you want.

So I finally broke down and bought the LE1600, with all the goodies on it. And am I ever impressed.

My handwriting is appallingly bad, a product of communicating primarily by typing since grade school. But somehow, that little gizmo can figure out my scratch.

And forget no keyboard - when you need a keyboard, the slate plugs into one, the convertible keyboard not only is a fine keyboard, but also a stand for the machine, and it snaps over the display when you want to travel with it.

The battery life is good with the little battery across the top - about two hours. For real battery life, you add on the extended battery that fits across the back, I've gone six hours using wireless... I can't imagine how long it would last with the antennas shut down.

I'm having a great time using the slate with Visio, using the slate very much like the proverbial cocktail napkin.

So here's the family photo:

The big ol' Dell is on the right, the LE 1600 on the left, and glowing menacingly in the background is the great 4960x1600 display array that is my main workstation.

I plan to carry both laptops with me on major excursions now, so I ordered a Brain Cell insert for my Tom Bihn Brain Bag - the bag actually has room for both machines.

Am I done yet? Nope, I'm on the lookout to replace the Dell. Its three years old now.

What is my perfect maximum horsepower laptop? Glad you asked.

  • 1920x1200 display - an absolute must have. More screen space good.
  • Dual core 64 bit processor - more horsepower good.
  • 4GB RAM - more RAM good.
  • 64 bit OS - gotta take advantage of the horsepower and the RAM.

After all, I do a lot of demos of SQL Server 2005 and beyond. I need to be able to run multiple VPCs fast. And big ones, too. My 64 bit workstation with 4GB of RAM and Windows Virtual Server 2005 64 bit is the best environment possible for running VPCs, and I want as close to that as I can when I'm on the road.

Does such a machine exist? Well, not in the mainstream, but its imminent. Hypersonic PC now makes the Aviator EX7 which has all the key bits, including shipping from the factory with a Windows XP x64. Another thing that interests me about Hypersonic is they offer custom paintwork... hmm, maybe a .NET Rocks Logo laptop? Alienware makes the machine in the m7700i, but not the OS. Hence they play games with offering 3 GB of RAM. Perhaps the Dell buy out has distracted them.

So many toys, so little time...

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