I'm hanging out in the United Kingdom in Reading, just outside of London, attending the VBUG Conference.

Carl and Mark Miller are here as well.

Yesterday I did my famous advanced querying session, I've attached my demo files here for the folks who wanted them.

AdvQuerying_Setup.sql (3.48 KB)

AdvQuerying.sql (23.52 KB)

I'm also including my error handling queries, since I had enough time to quickly show off how SQL Server 2005 can actually handle an error: in this example, I handle a deadlock inside a stored procedure.

Error Handling Main.sql (1.48 KB)

Error Handling Second.sql (.26 KB)

Besides my session, Carl and I did a DNR Live, talking to the four fellows involved in a Code Off - the concept is that all four developers, working independently, build four different UIs over top of a common set of banking web services. The four clients included WinForms, Office, ASP.NET and mobility clients (PDA and Smartphone). They had about four hours to build the clients, and the results were impressive. It was an incredibly compelling demonstration of how capable Visual Studio 2005 is.

The conference ends today, then I'm off to London for the weekend before heading home.

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