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Steve Forte is a bit upset at the 9/11 Commission over its criticism of the rescue workers at the World Trade Center (and I say that with typical Canadian understatement). I can certainly appreciate why he's angry, I think its a bit too close and personal for him.

On one hand, you have to admit that there's no point in putting together a commission to say “hey, we handled this brilliantly“... the idea is to learn how things could have been handled better. But I would debate whether there is any way to handle people crashing 767s into buildings more effectively. In fact, I would debate that there is even a need to figure out a better way.

For starters, until 9/11, hijackings were pretty darn survivable. With few exceptions, passengers on the hijacked airliner usually walk away unscathed. So it was in the passengers best interest to just sit back, wait it out, and stay low. But once these nutballs starting using the aircraft as a weapon, all bets are off - you're gonna die anyway, why not take 'em with you? I suspect that hijacking is pretty much obsolete now, no one is going to attempt it when you can virtually guarantee that the entire aircraft will go after you.

So no one had done such a thing before, and no one is likely to ever do such a thing again, so what possibility is there in trying to improve on handling it?

What surprised me more than anything was the gallery folks angry with Giuliani. What could he have done differently? What could he possibly do about it now? It shocks me that 30 months after losing their loved ones, people are still angry. As someone who has lost immediate family on more than one occasion, you only get to grieve properly once you get past the anger. If these folks are still that focused on the deaths, they've basically been frozen in time for two and a half years. Is this what these people died for? So that you can stay angry?

The best way to remember a loved one you've lost is to live, and live well.

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