RunAs Radio Begins!#

Well, you've heard us talking about it on .NET Rocks, and now its finally here... RunAs Radio!

I've always had one foot in the IT camp and one foot in the development camp. That's one of the many things that makes me so weird. I see RunAs as an opportunity to exercise the IT side of my brain.

Greg Hughes is my co-host, he's an associate of Scott Hanselman,  and works for Corillian as the Chief Security Executive and VP of IT. And he's got just the right wacky background for this all to work: started as a journalist, became a cop, then moved to the security side of IT. As he says, he's still hunting bad guys, just for more money (and less risk of being shot).

RunAs is a PWOP Production, just like .NET Rocks, dnrTV, Hanselminutes, etc. Dax built the web site, its Carl's software that drives the thing, I just find guests, book them, interview them and send the files to PWOP for processing.

I did get a fancy new recording rig to make all this work. My broadcast mike plugs into a MOTU Traveller that uses Firewire into Terrance, my 4960x1600 x64 XP beast. Also plugged into the MOTU is a Telos ONE+ONE for capture two telephone lines: one for Greg, and one for the guest. So I record my channel, Greg's phone track and the guest. Greg also does a local recording of himself (maximum quality, of course) and then all that is combined to make a show.

We're going to keep the show shorter than .NET Rocks, at least for now. I want to make sure the show stays focused on one topic for the duration. Of course, this will change based on what the listener wants... so tell me what you want! I'm all ears for show ideas, format changes, you name it. The email address for RunAs is

It's also Greg's 40th birthday today. So Happy Birthday Greg!

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