Win a Battle, Lose a Battle...#

Fresh off the victory of my water cooled secondary workstation, I decided to finish off my primary workstation. The primary is the triple-screened machine running a Matrox Parhelia video card. I do my development work across its lovely 3840x1024 set of displays.

I had a couple of minor things outstanding on it to do - adding in a monitoring display for the front of the case that shows temperatures and fan speed. Of course, in this situation, I'm monitoring the temperature inside the case and in the water loop using a water loop sensor. And the fan I'm monitoring is actually a water loop impeller.

Harmless revisions, right? So off I go, fitting the bits into the case, breaching the water loop carefully and inserting the new components, and everything goes fine.

Until the motherboard (an ASUS P4C800-E) freaks out and stops working. Well, just the network adapter, and the RAID controller, and... well, I don't want the motherboard any more. Its all under warranty, but the price of building your own machines from parts is that you have to fix 'em too. So I called up my buddy Mike Neilsen at Sprite Computers (Mike supplies most of my components) and he ordered up a replacement motherboard for me.

Didn't take me long to pry the motherboard out of the case, and I managed to do it without breaching the water loop!

So I guess tomorrow I'm rebuilding my main workstation... a night without my beloved triple screen display! Horrors!

Wednesday, September 1, 2004 5:11:38 PM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00) #    Comments [0]  | 


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