Everything Takes A Little Longer...#

Well, one night stretched into four, as usual...

After my main workstation freaked out and stuff stopped working reliably, I pulled the motherboard and had it replaced under warranty. It meant peeling all the water cooling off very carefully to extract the board without making a mess, but I got it done.

Took a couple of days to get the motherboard actually back home. Sprite got it in late Thursday night, but I didn't actually swap it til Saturday morning. Then there's always the fiddly bits of getting it mounted again, and getting the water cooling blocks cleaned up and re-installed.

Along the way I had blown the drives off, thinking that maybe the network and raid problems might be fixed with a clean install, and I'd always wanted to re-install that system in the first place, when I had done the initial installation a few months back, somehow I'd left the Hyperthreading off, which actually installs a different kernel in XP. And I never found a way to fix it, everywhere I looked they said “re-install from scratch.”

I like a scratch re-install - it feels fresh. So off I went on my happy re-install path. Unfortunately, the built-in NIC is a late generation Intel gigabit jobbie, so the XP disk doesn't recognize it, so all the network stuff has to be done post-installation after I can get the driver loaded.

Once I got the point of getting the network stuff set up, I couldn't register with my domain - the error message said the user or password was wrong. I went around in circles for a couple of hours on this one, interspersed with a little stress relieving Doom 3 when I couldn't figure out the problem (only ID has really figured out the therapeutic value of shotgun blasts).

I could surf the Internet from the machine, but I couldn't activate and I couldn't register with the domain. And the error messages were hopeless. Then I noticed the date was set to January 1, 2002. So I opened up a command window and used net time /set to grab the time from my domain servers, and everything was fine - activated and domain registered. I think kerberos is a fine idea, I just wish they'd give some hints in the error messages, “bad user name or password” doesn't cut it.

Oh, and I threw on Windows XP Service Pack 2, of course. Then I loaded a couple of SETI@Home work units to run and went to bed. In the morning, the screen was covered in white bars and I had no user interface... although SETI@Home was still doing its thing. I used my handheld infrared thermometer to check the temperature of the Matrox Parhelia... the water loop was showing 110F (remember, this is running under full load all night), the water block on the video card was at 120F, the uncooled RAM chips were at 160F. A wee bit too hot.

So I happened to have some Tweakmonster BGA RAM sinks, mix in a little Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive, and I'm cooling video RAM.

Notice I've STILL managed to avoid breaching the water loop!

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