Hanging in New London#

After the SDC conference I flew back to North America, but not home. Instead I've stopped off for a couple of days with Carl Franklin here in New London, Connecticut.

Last night we recorded Mondays, with everyone except Mark Miller actually here in the studios. We laughed til we cried, it was quite ridiculous and a wickedly fun show.

This morning we're recording an episode of DotNetRocks with Michele Bustamente, then Carl and I are packing up and heading down to Tech Ed in Orlando.

What can you say about New London? Its got a far greater sense of history than we have on the west coast, around here a 100 year old building is still considered pretty new, people are proud of pointing out structures that were built before the War of Independence. It strikes me as a fabulous place to raise a family, which is of course exactly what Carl and his wife Gretchen are doing.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005 1:59:46 AM (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-08:00)
Hi Richard,

Great to see your giving your blog some love, I am regular listner to DNR fridays but due to time differences and other reasons am unfortunately unlikely to ever make it into the chat rooms when the show is being recorded.

If possible it would be good to find out a few days in advance who your going to interview next and what the interviewee's field of expertise is so that if I have a relavent question I could fire it off in an email to you and Carl prior to the interview.

I've been listening to DNR since show 98 and have gone through the archives from show 50, and it still seems to be getting better and better keep up the good work.

Oh and I love the photo of Infrared Thermometer, owning one of those is uber geeky well done!


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