Show Off at PDC 2005#

Just recording .NET Rocks this week and Carl and I had a chance to talk to Thomas Lewis and Mike Swanson about Show Off at PDC 2005.

The idea is to show videos of developers showing off their favorite bits of code. Some clever trick or idea that can be shown in under five minutes. The concept is cool, but what really stokes me is that its about the community, not about Microsoft.

Normally at the PDC you're watching Microsoft presenters showing off the future of Microsoft tools. But this is going to be the opposite - developers showing what they've done with Microsoft tools.

I'm encouraging Carl to "show off" this little tool he wrote for .NET Rocks. It takes the source version of the show and generates WMA, MP3, AAC in different quality modes, plus creates the split versions for folks who want it to fit on CD, and creates the torrent files for using BitTorrent. It saves a ton of time and is just the sort of thing I think would make a great five minute video.

If you've got something to submit, check out

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